USA    KS Suspension

Website:KS Suspension

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Accessories: Pumps, Spacers
Components: Dropper Post, Seatpost

Germany    ACROS

Website: ACROS

Website: Woodman Components

United Kingdom    USE

Website: USE

Website: Stone Edge Racing

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Clothing , Components , Frames
Accessories: Spacers
Clothing: Jersey, T-shirts
Components: Handlebar, Headsets, Stem
Frame Purpose: 4 Cross Frame, Dirt Jumper Frame, Urban Assault Frame
Frame Materials: Aluminium
Frame Type: Hardtail Frame
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch

Italy    MDE Bikes

Website: MDE Bikes

An Italian manufacturer of mountain bikes and the frames look quite sturdy. The full supsension models are all single pivots.