Germany    ACROS

Website: ACROS

website: Quad Technology

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Brakes, Disk Brakes, Hubs, Wheels

Website: Enve Composites

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Handlebar, Seatpost, Stem, Wheels

Website: SB3 Components

USA    Rock Shox

Website:Rock Shox

The legendary BoXXer is downright fast and features Rock Shox’s Mission Control and a full 200mm of travel. Buy it from Jenson USA
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Germany    TUNE

Website: TUNE

USA    Gravity

Website: Gravity

Freeride and Downhill Bicycle Components

USA    Eastern26

Website: Eastern26

Website: Pronghorn Racing

Manufacturer of: Bikes, Components , Frames
Components: Handlebar, Hubs, Seatpost, Stem, Wheels
Frame Purpose: Cross Country Frame, Trail Frame
Frame Materials: Carbon Fiber
Frame Type: Hardtail Frame
Suspension Type: Single Pivot
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch

USA    NoTubes

Website: NoTubes

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Disk Brake Pads, Tires, Wheels
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch, 29 Inch

Germany    NOX Cycles

Website: NOX Cycles

France    Mach 1

Website: Mach 1

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Clothing , Components
Accessories: Bags, Tools
Clothing: T-shirts
Components: Spokes

USA    Cole

Website: Cole

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Hubs, Wheels

Website: Woodman Components

Poland    Bike For You

Website: Bike For You

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Hubs