Denmark    CeramicSpeed


A Danish company producing high quality ceramic bearings for your bottom bracket, headset or derailleur, providing less friction and improved power transfer.

Go check them out.

USA    KS Suspension

Website:KS Suspension

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Accessories: Pumps, Spacers
Components: Dropper Post, Seatpost

USA    Slime


Slime got famous for their tire sealants. Buy it from Jenson USA
click here
Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Accessories: Tire Sealant
Components: Inner Tubes

Site: Vyro Components

Very interesting concept for a crank and derailleur system in one. The video they have explains it quite well. link to video

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Chain Rings, Cranks

United Kingdom    K9 Industries

Site:K9 Industries

Manufacturer of: Components, Frames
Components: Disk Brake Pads, Handlebar, Headsets, Pedals, Stem
Frame Purpose: Downhill Frame
Frame Materials: Aluminium, Steel
Frame Type: Full Suspension Frame
Suspension Type: Virtual Pivot Point
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch

Website: Renthal Cycle Products

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Chain Rings, Grips, Handlebar, Stem


Website: TURN

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Cranks

USA    Praxis Works

Website: Praxis Works

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Bottom Brackets, Chain Rings

USA    K-Edge Ki2


K-Edge created a mountain bike version of the Di-2 electronic shifting system from Shimano

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Shifters

Germany    ACROS

Website: ACROS

Taiwan    ATIK

Website: Atik

Manufacturer of: Bikes, Components , Frames
Components: Forks
Frame Purpose: Cross Country Frame
Frame Materials: Carbon Fiber, Titanium
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch
Fork Types: Rigid

Website: F1 Ceramic Bearings

The company supplies ceramic bearings to replace your bearings in:

  • Bottom Brackets
  • Wheels
  • Pulleys
Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Accessories: Lubricants
Components: Bottom Brackets

Canada    Envy

Website: Envy

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Accessories: Brake Arch, Chain Guard
Components: Chain Rings, Stem

website: Quad Technology

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Brakes, Disk Brakes, Hubs, Wheels

Taiwan    KS suspension

Website: KS suspension

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Forks, Seatpost, Shocks
Fork Types: Suspension
Fork Purpose: Cross Country Fork