Denmark    CeramicSpeed


A Danish company producing high quality ceramic bearings for your bottom bracket, headset or derailleur, providing less friction and improved power transfer.

Go check them out.

Website: F1 Ceramic Bearings

The company supplies ceramic bearings to replace your bearings in:

  • Bottom Brackets
  • Wheels
  • Pulleys
Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Accessories: Lubricants
Components: Bottom Brackets

Website: SB3 Components

United Kingdom    Green Oil

Website: Green Oil

Manufacturer of: Accessories
Accessories: Lubricants

Belgium    Morgan Blue

Website: Morgan Blue

Manufacturer of: Accessories
Accessories: Cleaning, Lubricants

USA    Ritchey Logic

Website: Ritchey Logic

Website: Phil Wood & Co

Phil Wood & Co produce quality hubs and bottom brackets.

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Accessories: Lubricants
Components: Bottom Brackets, Hubs

United Kingdom    Pace Cycles

Website: Pace Cycles

Pace Cycles is a manufacturer from England who produce a line of carbon fiber suspension forks, and an aluminum hardtail frame.

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Bikes , Clothing , Components
Accessories: Chain Guard, Lubricants
Clothing: Hoody, Jackets, Jersey, Shorts, sweatshirts, T-shirts
Components: Forks
Frame Purpose: Cross Country Frame, Trail Frame
Frame Materials: Aluminium
Frame Type: Hardtail Frame
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch
Fork Types: Suspension
Fork Purpose: Cross Country Fork, Trail Fork

Website: FRM Bicycle Technology

FRM is a German manufacturer of super lightweight mountain bikes and mountain bike components.