Website: Naked Bicycles and Desgin

USA    NoTubes

Website: NoTubes

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Disk Brake Pads, Tires, Wheels
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch, 29 Inch

Germany    NOX Cycles

Website: NOX Cycles

USA    Nomad

Website: Nomad

Manufacturer of: Accessories
Accessories: Cleaning

USA    NiteRider

Website: NiteRider

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Clothing
Accessories: Lights
Clothing: baseball cap, Beanie, T-shirts

Website: Nema Brand International

Website: North Shore Billet

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Components
Components: Disk Brake Adapters

Canada    NSMB

Website: NSMB

An online magazine focused on the North Shore mountain bike Scene.

Website: Norco Performance Bikes

A Canadian manufacturer of mountain bikes.

Finland    Nokian Tires

Website: Nokian Tires
A mountain bike tire manufacturer from Finland

Manufacturer of: Components
Components: Tires

USA    Niner Bikes

Website: Niner Bikes

Niner Bikes build mountain bikes specifically designed around the 29 inch wheel standard. They now also produce a full suspension 29 inch wheel frame called the R.I.P 9

Manufacturer of: Bikes, Clothing , Components , Frames
Clothing: baseball cap
Components: Handlebar, Seat Collar
Frame Purpose: Cross Country Frame, Trail Frame
Frame Materials: Aluminium, Steel
Frame Type: Hardtail Frame
Wheel Sizes: 29 Inch

Germany    Nicolai

Website: Nicolai

German manufacturer of some amazingly crafted mountain bikes, they use lots of machined parts to create innovative mountain bikes.