United Kingdom    Descent World

Website: Descent World

Website: Weight Weenies

A website for finding the lightest mountain bikes and mountain bike parts available.


Website: MTBR

Website: Ridem0nkey.com

A mountain bike related forum.

Canada    Pinkbike

Website: Pinkbike

United Kingdom    BIKEMagic

Website: BIKEMagic

A UK Based cycling web site.

USA    Hcor.net

Website: Hcor.net

Mountain bike Website about Freeriding and downhill racing

USA    Charge

Website: Charge.

A bicycle company

Manufacturer of: Accessories, Clothing , Components
Accessories: Bags
Clothing: Bib Shorts
Components: Forks, Seatpost
Frame Purpose: 4 Cross Frame, Downhill Frame, Freeride Frame
Frame Materials: Aluminium
Frame Type: Hardtail Frame
Wheel Sizes: 26 Inch
Fork Types: Suspension
Fork Purpose: 4 Cross Fork