USA    Jett Gear

Site:Jett Gear

Jett Clothing is created by riders. Buy it from Jenson USA
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Canada    Mace Gear

Website: Mace Gear

USA    Harlot Wear

Website: Harlot Wear

Italy    DefensTec

Website: DefensTec

An Italian manufacturer of cycling wear.

Website: Cloud Nine Design

Taiwan    Merida

Website: Merida

Website: Ghost Mountain bikes

Italy    Sintesi Bikes

Website: Sintesi Bikes

Germany    Votec

Website: Votec

Website: Ventana Mountain Bikes USA

USA    Specialized

Website: Specialized

Website: Loeka Clothing

SpainUSA    Orbea USA

Website: Orbea USA

France    Mavic


A French manufacturer of wheels and wheel accessories Their Crossmax wheelsets look cool and get great reviews. Buy it from Jenson USA
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USA    Lee Cougan

Website: Lee Cougan